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Google Grant Cheat Sheet

Welcome to the RKD Google Grant Startup Cheat Sheet. We’ve cut through all the clutter, compiled the most common questions about Google Ad Grants, and simplified it to its most important points. We will cover not only how to secure and get setup with a Grant, but also what you need to know to make your program be as effective as possible.

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Your Fundraising Game Plan for Winning with Mobile

Digital media has ceased to be just another option for nonprofits a while ago and now the same applies for mobile. Mobile isn’t coming, it’s here. And it’s been here quite a while.

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Troubleshooting Common Problems with Google Grants

When you first get your hands on $10,000 of free advertising credits from Google you’re going to be excited, but the honeymoon phase ends quickly when you run into some of the common challenges many organizations face. This could be dealing with tracking issues, having trouble with developing campaigns, or just not seeing the performance you want.

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