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Developing a Mid-level Donor Program

One of the hottest topics in fundraising today is developing mid-level donors. There are several reasons behind the almost frenetic rush to enlarge this valuable donor group.

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Are Annual Plans Killing Your Online Fundraising

In general, it’s good to outline a year of planned fundraising campaigns and show the rationale for campaigns tied to your program goals for acquisition, renewal and deepening engagement.

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Rethinking Mobile Donations

It’s not simply an increase in traffic though, it’s focusing on the fact that at all times, the majority of individuals have a personal computer arm’s length away.

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Google Grant Cheat Sheet

Welcome to the RKD Google Grant Startup Cheat Sheet. We’ve cut through all the clutter, compiled the most common questions about Google Ad Grants, and simplified it to its most important points. We will cover not only how to secure and get setup with a Grant, but also what you need to know to make your program be as effective as possible.

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Your Fundraising Game Plan for Winning with Mobile

Digital media has ceased to be just another option for nonprofits a while ago and now the same applies for mobile. Mobile isn’t coming, it’s here. And it’s been here quite a while.

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