Case Studies

case studies

These projects are just some of the breakthroughs we've helped our clients discover.

Resource Recycling: Using Video in New Ways

Relating something to the right occasion can make a big difference in connecting with donors. We helped MD Anderson on their Mother’s Day campaign by re-editing a video that had previously not been effective.

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Email Marketing Optimization: Taking a Cue From Direct Mail

Sometimes what works in direct mail does not work as well with the digital counterpart. We worked with MD Anderson to optimize their digital efforts.

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Holistic Digital Conversion Optimization

St. Labre wanted to highlight their gift for donating, a special Indian blanket. So on their donation page, we made the blanket the highlight and the first thing the donor could pick. By doing this we increased both Avg. gift, as well as Conversion Rate.

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Making the Most of Earned Media Moments

When Pope Francis visited the U.S. in September 2016, Salesian Missions wanted to take advantage of this newsworthy event by highlighting Pope Francis’ connection with the Salesian order.

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Donation Page Conversion Optimization: A Memorable Test

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund wanted to optimize their digital donation form to see what designs would yield more net income.

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