Case Studies

case studies

These projects are just some of the breakthroughs we've helped our clients discover.

Mid Level: Maximum Impact

To maximize their midlevel audience, we carefully crafted a package to send to this specific set of donors, and whoever said personal touches don’t work never raised $106,655 using them.

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Exploring Optimization of P2P

Personal fundraising is one of the most complex conversions to achieve, but we saw dramatic results from the KidneyNation campaign by optimizing the website and targeting posts on social media.

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Social Media Engagement, Today and Yesterday

To create engagement from scratch, we built a Facebook page which retroactively fit 30 months of posts dating back to the inception of the organization—the bombing of the Boston Marathon. What happened next increased the pace for online engagement for the Stepping Strong Fund.

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Getting Gooder at Google Grants

We helped the American Bible Society utilize their Google Grant effectively, which made a big difference in converting new constituents into donors.

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Leading the Pack in Conversion Optimization

We’re proud to have helped the SPCA of Texas optimize their website to raise more money that protects more animals who would otherwise be on their own.

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