Case Studies

case studies

These projects are just some of the breakthroughs we've helped our clients discover.

How Mobile Optimization Improves Conversion

South Plains came to us with an old and outdated donation form. We redesigned it to not only make it more aesthetically appealing, but also to make it mobile friendly.

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Doubling Down on Email Marketing

Gleaners Food Bank wanted to get the most out of their Double Your Donation Day email campaign, so they came to us to make sure that they would—and boy did they.

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A Thanksgiving Feast of Acquisition

Food Bank For New York City already had an extremely successful Thanksgiving fundraising season, but they came to us for a breakthrough approach to acquire more new donors for online giving.

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Mid Level: Maximum Impact

To maximize their midlevel audience, we carefully crafted a package to send to this specific set of donors, and whoever said personal touches don’t work never raised $106,655 using them.

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