our story

our story

RobbinsKersten Direct has been helping nonprofit organizations tell their story for more than four decades. We have a team of more than 150 experts – with deep skill sets in direct response marketing. No matter how difficult your problem or ambitious your goals we have the people to help you succeed.

our history

RKD has raised billions of dollars for nonprofit organizations since 1970. With offices in Boston, Dallas and Lincoln, RobbinsKersten Direct helps people find meaning and significance by connecting donors and members with organizations that are working to make the world more humane, just and compassionate.

Our deep experience across channels help us develop communication plans using online and offline techniques to drive engagement and results.

tim kersten

CEO, RobbinsKersten Direct

Tim Kersten knows the power of a good story to move hearts and minds to support great causes. He’s told thousands of stories in his 38-year career as a fundraiser. He started as a direct mail copywriter, then rose to become an international-award winning creative consultant, strategist, chief creative officer and, now, CEO of RobbinsKersten Direct. Tim casts the creative vision for all of RKD that drives record-breaking results for more than 250 clients.

fundraising experts

Our team of fundraising experts is committed to knowing your donors and your organization at the deepest possible level. They’re seasoned veterans, strategists and fundraising professionals who thrive on solving big challenges. What you see in our leadership team is only a small piece of the picture.