It’s Your Story

it’s your story

We empower nonprofit organizations to make the world more humane, just and compassionate. It’s your story–we’re here to help you tell it.

build momentum for your story

Every organization has a story. It’s the essence of their brand. What is your story? RKD helps you put a fundraising engine behind your story to broaden awareness, connect with constituents, strengthen relationships, all with one aim: to raise more net revenue to fulfill your organization’s mission.

tell your story better

Most analysis only describes the “why” of what happened. RKD leverages the predictive power of advanced analytics to chart a path to “where” your fundraising can go as you tell your story better.

tell your story in new ways

RKD continues to break new ground in direct response marketing across channels and platforms to you can tell your story with greater impact than ever before.

new insights for your story

Our team of strategists and analysts help build attribution models that make sense of your program–so that together we can optimize how your story is told.